With our fully equipped studio, Scott's Shotz Photography provides you with a professional quality sitting, with a casual, relaxed feel.

We have enough room in our studio for you and your family to play around, creating natural, free-flowing images that will be treasured for a lifetime.

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From structured group shots to casual playtime fun, we’ll capture you and your family sharing the joy of each other's company. Our photographs typically have a very casual feel to them which quite often means families lazing on the floor or couches.


Preserve that special smile of your toddler and the fun of siblings playing together.

Having children ourselves, we know that not all kids like having their photo taken but by playing games and having fun, they often forget that the camera is even on them.

Bring along their favourite toy or dress-up to add an extra personal touch.

All our photographers have current Blue Cards.

Newborns and Maternity

There is nothing that quite matches the glow of the expectant mummy or the innocence of your newborn. These moments are with us for such a short time, why not capture them forever.

Combine a maternity session and a newborn session for our discounted price of $199 for both sessions (which includes four 8"x10" prints from either session).

We’ve found it best to photograph your baby bump around 36 weeks where you are almost at your biggest but still comfortable. For your newborn, it is best to capture them within their first couple of weeks and preserve those special moments for a lifetime. Your little angel snuggled up in a bundle of towels or their curled up fingers and toes filling the whole frame. We have a great range of props, backdrops and blankets but please feel free to bring any special toys or blankets (maybe that special crocheted blanket that Grandma made) to add even more personal touches to your images.

It's fun to photograph your little one again at about 6 months of age when they have their smiles perfected and may be able to sit up on their own.

Studio Experience

Your ‘Studio Experience’ will begin with a meet and greet to ensure that everyone is familiar and comfortable. Our photographer will discuss any ideas and requests that you might have and will go through some examples to ascertain what you would like from the shoot.

Our studio is fully equipped with lighting, backdrops and props to create a relaxed, yet professional feel. There’s enough room for your children to play and express themselves.

Your booking will last for approximately 1 hour, but there is some flexibility provided for most circumstances (especially if we are having too much fun!!). Newborn shoots will usually exceed this as we will work around feeds and sleep times.

If you would like to book a studio sitting, please feel free to contact us and we will arrange a suitable time.


Please ensure that clothing is comfortable and all the outfits compliment each other. If you feel comfortable on the day, it will show through in the photographs we take. Wearing similar clothing/colours helps to tie your pictures together. Heavy patterns and large logos should be avoided, as they can distract the eye away from the most important element of the photograph, you. We also recommend an alternate set of clothes, allowing you to change the mood and style of your shots. An example we have found to work well, is everyone wearing white (or black) shirts with jeans. The neutral colours creates a very casual, unified look and will not date your photographs as easily.

Children's clothing

Bright colours, however, can be utilised for those stand-alone shots to add vitality and emphasise your child’s personality.

Don’t forget to bring your child’s favourite toys and costumes to add an extra personal touch.

Newborn clothing

Less is more, when it comes to babies. Capturing them in their natural form, will keep the focus on the one who counts. Booties, hats and your softest blanket are all accessories that can accentuate your personal touch and will keep them looking precious forever.

Viewing your photographs

Once your photographs are ready for viewing, you will be emailed a password to view your private gallery online, at your convenience.

Your password means that your photographs are available only to you, not to the general public. You then have the option to forward your password to family members or friends to view and purchase images independently.

Your images will remain available for viewing for 3 weeks.

Purchasing can be done via our secure online store or if you need help, please feel free to contact us for more information.