Surfer in the air
Tennis player follow through
Female tennis player preparing to hit the ball
Action blur female tennis player hitting the ball
Cricket bowler running in to bowl the ball
Cricket batsman following through after hitting the ball
Rugby League player running with ball
Rugby league player fends away another player
Rugby league player dives to score a try in the corner
Rugby league player screaming
Rugby League player studio headshot spinning ball
Rugby Union player running with the ball
Young Rugby Union player studio shot
Lady playing golf shot from bunker
Golf player follows through after hitting ball in the air
Breaststroke swimmer breathing between strokes
Swimmer splashing while taking a stroke
Swimmer and lane ropes
Netballer reaches for the ball
Netballer leaps out of court to prevent ball from going out
Netballer jumps with ball in hand
Ballerina lays on floor with arms out to side
Dancer on toes with arms stretched behind
Ballerina on pointe with arms to the side
Acro dancer straddle split leap
Group of dancers pose
Ballerina on pointe in arabesque
Rugby league compact team photo with city skyline background
Rugby league full squad team photo
Rugby union team photo with trophies & pennants
Womens rugby league team photo

Sports photography is a major part of our workload here at Scott's Shotz Photography. From Rugby League to Dance, from action packed events to club photos, we can cover your sports photography needs. With our variety of lenses, we can capture the close up, and far away action, of any sport.